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FC Barcelona’s 2023 in Numbers

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Let’s chat about FC Barcelona’s awesome year in 2023. It’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but some cool stats are making it memorable. Xavi Hernández and the squad have left their mark, especially with the Liga title and a bunch of clean sheets. Let’s break down the digits.

Counting the Wins: 36 in Total

So, the team bagged 36 wins in the games that really mattered in 2023. That’s the best since 2019, back when Ernesto Valverde was calling the shots, and they nailed 38 victories.

Home Sweet Home: 20 Wins at Our Places

Out of those wins, 20 happened right at home, whether at Spotify Camp Nou or the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys. It’s been a while since we had that many home victories – not since 2019 when we hit 24.

Comeback Kings: 18 Points from Behind

This year was all about turning things around. Barça scored a whopping 18 points in games where they were trailing at some point. Talk about a comeback!

Top of the Table: Tied at 88 Points with Atlético Madrid

Barça and Atlético Madrid both rocked the league with 88 points each in 2023. Real Madrid followed with 85, and then there’s Girona, Real Sociedad, and Betis doing their thing.

Goal Machine: Lewandowski’s 24 Goals

Our go-to guy for goals was Robert Lewandowski, hitting the net 24 times and chipping in with eight assists. That’s some serious scoring action!

Keeping it Solid: Ter Stegen and Kounde’s Game Time

Jules Kounde got a lot of playing time – 4,146 minutes to be exact. But our main man between the posts, Ter Stegen, held it down with 4,188 minutes. That’s a lot of game-time dedication.

Game Regulars: Balde and Torres on 49 Appearances

When it comes to showing up on the field, Alejandro Balde and Ferran Torres took the lead, both playing in 49 games. They’re the real game regulars.

Shutting It Down: 27 Clean Sheets

Our defense was on fire, keeping 27 clean sheets in 2023. Thanks to Ter Stegen and the whole defensive crew, we matched the all-time record for clean sheets in a season.

New Faces: Six La Masía Rookies

We had six new players from La Masía making their debut this year. Héctor Fort, Alarcón, Garrido, Lamine Yamal, Fermín, and Marc Guiu – all stepping up and making us proud.

Double Win: Lewandowski and Ter Stegen at the Top

In a rare feat, both the league’s top scorer and best goalkeeper were from Barça in 2023 – Robert Lewandowski and Marc-André ter Stegen. They’re making history together. What a year it’s been!

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