June 20, 2024


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Beyond Xavi: Barcelona’s Future with Roberto De Zerbi

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As Barcelona anticipates Xavi’s departure this summer, following a rollercoaster season marked by defensive setbacks and midfield woes, the club seeks a new leader to propel them to greater heights.

Reports from Barcelona insider Gerard Romero hint at the club’s interest in Brighton’s standout talents, João Pedro and Kaoru Mitoma, underscoring their pursuit for attacking reinforcements, particularly on the left flank.

Amidst this quest for rejuvenation, Roberto De Zerbi emerges as a compelling candidate to succeed Xavi. His tactical acumen and adeptness in nurturing young talents align with Barcelona’s ethos, presenting a promising avenue for revitalization.

Despite the financial hurdle of acquiring De Zerbi from Brighton, the potential synergy between the manager and Brighton’s star duo adds an intriguing dimension to Barcelona’s managerial deliberations.

With a roster brimming with youthful potential like Pedri and Gavi, De Zerbi’s track record suggests a seamless fit, potentially elevating Barcelona beyond their recent triumphs under Xavi’s tenure.

In considering De Zerbi’s candidacy, Barcelona weighs the prospect of not just a managerial change, but a strategic shift towards maximizing their burgeoning talent pool, making the Catalan giants even more formidable contenders in the seasons to come.

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