June 14, 2024


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Barcelona Management Requests Xavi to Extend Stay

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In an exclusive report by SPORT, journalist Ivan San Antonio reveals that Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta, and vice-president, Rafa Yuste, have informally approached Xavi, urging him to remain at the club for another season. The report suggests that doors will remain open for Xavi to reconsider his decision to depart by the end of the current season.

Despite Xavi’s earlier announcement of his departure due to a series of disappointing results, the club’s confidence in contending for the La Liga title has surged, prompting a reevaluation of the coaching situation.

Since Xavi’s declaration, Barcelona has been scouting for potential replacements capable of seamlessly continuing the current coaching strategies. Deco, assigned with this task, faces significant challenges, yet there remains a faction within the club hopeful for Xavi’s retention.

While opinions among Barcelona’s leadership may differ, there is unanimous support for Xavi should he choose to reverse his decision. Laporta and Yuste would gladly welcome his continued tenure.

The management’s backing for Xavi stems from various factors. Firstly, his managerial performance has garnered widespread satisfaction within the club, with players expressing unwavering dedication to him and highlighting the unity achieved under his guidance.

Furthermore, Xavi’s intimate knowledge of the club and grasp of its economic constraints bolster support for his retention. Additionally, the search for a suitable replacement has proven challenging, as top candidates have declined the opportunity, complicating the process.

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