June 12, 2024


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Barcelona New Signee Salary Revealed

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In the exciting game between Osasuna and Barcelona on September 4, 2023, all attention centered on Barça’s two latest signings, João Félix and João Cancelo, as they made their much-anticipated debut. Fans were eager to see how these acquisitions would impact the team.

Adding to the excitement, centre-back Íñigo Martínez, who had faced registration challenges earlier, finally made his debut in the same match, providing a boost to the team’s defense.

Behind these significant developments, Deco, the Barcelona sporting director, praised the immense effort put into securing João Félix’s transfer, highlighting the club’s commitment to strengthening the squad.

A noteworthy detail is that João Félix’s contract with Barcelona does not include a buy option or right of first refusal, meaning the club bears the full responsibility for covering his salary. Despite this, João Félix exhibited his dedication by accepting a substantial reduction in earnings, now earning €400,000 for the season, a significant decrease compared to his previous salary at Atlético Madrid. 

This selfless gesture further endeared him to the Barcelona faithful and showcased his commitment to the team’s success.

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