June 14, 2024


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Ter Stegen Defends Xavi and Highlights Their Special Bond

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Barcelona’s goalkeeper, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, recently spoke out in defense of his manager, Xavi Hernandez, and provided insight into their close relationship. Ter Stegen’s comments shed light on Barcelona’s evolving football philosophy and the strength of their personal connection.

Ter Stegen’s exceptional performance last season, with 26 clean sheets in La Liga, contributed significantly to Barcelona clinching the title under Xavi’s guidance. Yet, critics argued that the team’s strong focus on defense contradicted the club’s traditional style, often referred to as their football DNA.

Ter Stegen swiftly dismissed these criticisms, stating, “That’s complete nonsense. Every philosophy has to evolve.” He pointed out that during Xavi’s playing days, Barcelona possessed a more superior squad compared to rivals. However, modern football has become more balanced and physically demanding, necessitating adaptation. Ter Stegen stressed the importance of finding new solutions, especially during the initial stages of Xavi’s managerial tenure when stability was paramount.

What sets Ter Stegen’s perspective apart is his personal rapport with Xavi. Their connection extends beyond the pitch, as Ter Stegen revealed, “After his departure from Barcelona, we stayed in touch. We have a special connection, a very open relationship.” This unique bond allows Xavi to provide constructive sporting criticism, to which Ter Stegen is receptive, underscoring its value.

Ter Stegen also emphasized his ability to differentiate between personal and professional matters within their relationship, a skill he believes Germans excel at. This division enables them to collaborate seamlessly, with their personal connection enriching their professional partnership.

In related news, Ter Stegen made his return to the German national team in a friendly against France. The German side was temporarily managed by Rudi Voller following the dismissal of Hansi Flick. Ter Stegen’s return underscores his status as an elite goalkeeper.

Ter Stegen’s remarks provide a glimpse into Barcelona’s evolving philosophy and the significance of maintaining a strong player-coach relationship, even after retiring from the game. Their mutual respect and understanding exemplify the unique bond between them.

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