June 12, 2024


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Getafe Goalkeeper Fires Back at Xavi

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Getafe goalkeeper David Soria has fired back at Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez in response to his comments regarding poor refereeing during their recent match. The clash between the two teams took place at Coliseum Alfonso Perez and ended in a goalless draw, marking the start of the 2023/24 season.

Following the game, both Xavi and Barça players expressed their discontent with the way referee Cesar Soto Grado had managed the match. Xavi criticized the referee, stating, “The match was violent because the referee allowed them to foul us. For us, they call everything, but they allow them to do anything they want. We’re selling La Liga as a product but this is what we have.”

Xavi went on to elaborate, saying, “The referee sent me off for telling him that there were too many fouls. They allow them to foul way too much. This is a complete shame.”

In response to Xavi’s comments, Getafe’s David Soria took a defensive stance and accused Xavi and Barça of frequently searching for excuses. Soria countered, “Last year, it was the grass and the sun, now the referee. They always have an excuse. We can’t allow them to come to our stadium and let them play calmly. We can’t play like them, but we have other qualities.”

Addressing allegations of time-wasting, Soria further commented, “Araujo lay on the ground for five minutes to have a play reviewed by the VAR, but nobody talks about that.”

The match itself did not present La Liga in the best light and did not provide the anticipated kickoff for Barcelona’s title defense. Looking ahead, Barcelona is set to face Cadiz at home, with Xavi and his team undoubtedly aiming for their first victory of the season.

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