June 14, 2024


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Barcelona’s Hunt for Future Stars: Scouting Beyond Europe

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In pursuit of the next rising star, FC Barcelona, led by Sports Director Anderson de Souza Deco, is actively engaged in the transfer market. Despite financial constraints, Barcelona remains resilient, recognizing the significance of seizing potential opportunities in the market.

Acknowledging their spending limitations, Barcelona has intensified its focus on scouting and talent recruitment programs. To overcome financial challenges, the club has expanded its scouting efforts beyond Europe, with a particular emphasis on non-European regions.

Brazil emerges as a key hub for Barcelona’s scouting initiatives, as reported by SPORT. Recent dispatches of scouts to the country, specifically to cover youth tournaments like the ‘Copinha’ (São Paulo Junior Cup), underscore the club’s commitment to identifying promising talents.

The São Paulo Junior Cup has proven to be a fertile ground for discovering emerging talents, with Vitor Roque, Barcelona’s sole winter window signing, originally scouted during the 2022 edition of this tournament. The competition features many players yet to make their professional debut, making it a strategic venue for Barcelona to spot talent before transfer values become exorbitant.

Barcelona’s proactive approach aligns with the recognition that Brazil serves as a prolific exporter of football talents to Europe. The region’s abundance and diversity of talent make it a potential gold mine for Barcelona, contingent on the accuracy of their scouting in isolating the right profiles. As the club navigates these challenges, the focus remains on identifying and securing the next generation of stars to bolster the squad.

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