June 20, 2024


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Barcelona’s Ambitious Pursuit of Felix and Cancelo

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FC Barcelona has been making headlines recently as they pursue two talented Portuguese footballers, Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo. Sporting director Deco, known for his witty responses, added some charm to the ongoing speculation when a fan inquired about these potential signings.

During a fan interaction at Ciutat Esportiva, a curious supporter asked Deco about the busy week and the possibility of both Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo joining the Blaugrana. Deco responded playfully, “Which Joao? There are many ‘Joaos’ in Portugal.”

The deal for Joao Cancelo, the Manchester City defender, appears to be in the final stages. It’s rumored to be a one-year loan arrangement with an option to buy. However, there are some roadblocks to overcome. Financial Fair Play checks have delayed the operation, but the situation is expected to be resolved soon. Barcelona is set to receive a €40 million payment from German investors Libero for the Barça Vision deal, which will enable them to sign and register players. Once this payment is received, Cancelo’s acquisition will be finalized and made official.

The pursuit of Joao Felix, on the other hand, has been a topic of division within Barcelona’s management and coaching staff. Despite offers from Saudi Arabia, the Portuguese forward remains keen on joining Barcelona. However, with the transfer window closing, he faces a critical decision. Recent reports had hinted at Xavi’s approval of the move, but the situation remains uncertain.

while Joao Cancelo’s signing for Barcelona seems imminent, the acquisition of Joao Felix hangs in the balance. Barcelona fans and football enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting the final outcomes of these intriguing transfer pursuits.

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