June 20, 2024


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Barcelona Sends Promising Left-Back Alex Valle on Loan to Levante

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Barcelona’s left-back position is heating up with young talents. Alejandro Balde has already secured his spot as the main player there. Now, there’s a new player to watch out for, Alex Valle, who could bring more competition to the team.

Alex Valle is catching everyone’s eye in Barcelona. He’s been really good during the practice matches before the season starts. But instead of staying with the main team, Valle is going on loan to another team to play more matches and get better.

People who know about these things, like Albert Roge, are saying that Valle is getting ready to join Levante. Levante is a strong team in a lower division called Segunda. They’re almost done working out a deal to loan Valle for the whole season. On Sunday, Valle will probably go to Valencia, where Levante is based.

Here’s the plan: Valle will come back to Barcelona next summer. Whether he gets to play a lot in the main team depends on how well he does while playing for Levante. This could be a smart move because it might let him challenge Balde for his spot. If this works out, Barcelona will have two really good young left-backs playing for them.

Keep an eye on this story. It’s a peek into the future of Barcelona’s left-back players.

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