June 20, 2024


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Barcelona Eyes Huge Compensation After Gavi’s ACL Blow

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FIFA might have to pay Barcelona a big amount because of a bad injury to Gavi. The young midfielder got hurt during Spain’s Euro 2024 qualifier against Georgia, and it could end his season.

Gavi, who’s been a key player for Barcelona and Spain, hurt his knee during the game. Even though Spain had already qualified, he had to leave the match after just 26 minutes. It’s a tough situation as he might be out for the rest of the season due to damage to his ACL.

Barcelona is not happy about this. They don’t understand why Gavi played in the final game when Spain had already made it through. Now, Barcelona could ask FIFA for a big compensation because Gavi’s injury could cost them a lot.

Reports say Barcelona could get around €3 million from FIFA as part of a protection program. This is based on FIFA rules that say clubs get compensation if a player gets injured while playing for the national team and is out for more than 28 days. The compensation is a daily rate, and if Gavi is out for six months, Barcelona could get about €3,082,200. If it’s eight months, it could be as much as €4,315,080.

This injury is a big blow for Barcelona, and Gavi might miss the European Championship in Germany next year. The manager, Luis de la Fuente, shared how tough it was for Gavi, saying it’s one of the hardest moments in soccer. He mentioned the risks in football and expressed sympathy for Gavi, Barcelona, and the Federation.

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