June 20, 2024


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Barcelona agree €180m deal to sell 49% stake of Barca Studios

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In a major twist of fate, Gerard Romero’s latest revelation unveils a groundbreaking development: Barcelona has harnessed a strategic economic maneuver that promises an astounding windfall of €180 million. The catalyst behind this financial surge is the activation of a 49% stake in Barça Studios.

Driving this transformative investment is none other than Mountain Nazca, a prominent private equity fund manager from Mexico. This dynamic player is set to secure the aforementioned stake in Barça Studios, channeling a staggering €180 million into the club’s coffers. Notably, a substantial payment of €30 million is earmarked for disbursement this very summer.

The green light for this monumental operation has already been granted by none other than La Liga itself, bestowing an aura of legitimacy upon the transaction. It’s essential, however, to emphasize that this 49% stake divestiture is distinct from the club’s predominant 51% ownership.

In essence, Barcelona is orchestrating the resale of the identical 49% stake that had been offloaded during the preceding summer. For context, the initial sale involved the allocation of 24.5% of shares to both Orpheus Media and Socios.com, fetching a formidable €100 million from each entity.

Yet, Barcelona found itself in a predicament as only partial payments, amounting to €10 million from each party, materialized. The balance was structured to be disbursed over a span of three years. Regrettably, neither company fulfilled their €30 million installment commitment this year, thus compelling Barcelona to explore alternate avenues.

A prospective deal with a German investor for a 16% stake, offering €60 million, had shown promise until it hit an impasse the prior week, accentuating apprehensions. In an unforeseen twist, an agreement has now materialized with Mountain Nazca, involving the very 49% stake initially transacted with Orpheus Media and Socios.com.

This novel arrangement envisions both Orpheus Media and Socios.com willingly relinquishing their stake, effectively enabling Barcelona to pocket an impressive €180 million from the transaction. Out of this pool, a significant infusion of €30 million is anticipated to materialize as early as this summer. This financial momentum, combined with the proceeds garnered from the sales of Ousmane Dembele and Franck Kessie, situates the club favorably to contemplate player acquisitions and potentially pursue further signings.

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